Monday. is a dark comedy in two acts. It's a normal morning in a typical high-rise office tower. Employees are coming in to work with news of an unspecified tragedy that has just occurred in their city. As they go about their business, they chit chat about the horror of the situation, whether the Fed Ex Man will arrive on time, and why they are out of staples. But things take a shocking turn when an unimaginable incident strikes their building, setting off a bizarre and unexpected chain of events. Monday. explores the nature of human isolation, empathy, secrets, revenge, and death.

Informal Reading of Monday


Kathleen O'Grady as Kim

Cerris Morgan-Moyor as Katrina

Mari Weiss as Heather

Laura Coyle as Rachel

Vivan Dugre as Molly

Michael Bouson as Lucas

Andrew Heffernan as Steve

Mike Cardella as Ben

A clip from Joe Correll's play MONDAY
Just another day at the office
Pop Tarts


A clip from Joe Correll's play MONDAY
The Story of Emily Facchine
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