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Who's this guy?

Never heard of me? That's okay. You've probably seen my credit on the screen after some reality show for half a second.

Well, I've actually been writing pieces for the theater for nearly xx years. (For awhile) I got my BFA in acting from the University of Connecticut, and I performed in lots of plays after that.


I was inexplicably hired to be a dancing football player in a show in Nashville.  If you knew me, you'd know how ironic that is. 


In Nashville, I was a co-artistic director at the Avante Garage Theatre Company with my partner and all round great guy Michael Bouson. The theater exclusively produced original works written by company members. We wrote a whole bunch of musicals and comedies. We were pretty popular and in the paper almost every week for something. But, running a theater was extremely exhausting, so to "relax" we moved to New York City because it's the city that never sleeps, and that's what running a theater was like..... It was fun. We did some workshops, showcases, and small productions, but I spent most of my time managing lobby bars in Broadway theaters instead of performing or writing. That was rather frustrating.


One winter day, I visited a friend in L.A., and the weather was REALLY nice (It was January I think) So I decided, "F this", and moved to Los Angeles and got a job working in TV.


Cut to eighteen years later...

So about two years ago, I thought, I probably should get back to the theater before I'm dead. So I wrote a play.  And then I wrote another play. And so on and so on. I had my first new production the summer of 2019 when my play “The Favorite” was produced by the Avante Garage Theatre at the Avery Schreiber Playhouse in Los Angeles. That went quite well and the audience response was very positive, and I began to think I really like this theatre thing and would like to do it all the time.


Los Angeles is a fantastic city with a price tag to match, so we began scouring the country looking for a permanent space. We looked all over the country and found some wonderful possibilities, and we ended up purchasing the Ohio Theatre in Lima, Ohio- which, as it turns out, is lovely but freezing in winter. So the plan is to produce plays most of the year in Ohio, and then produce plays in Los Angeles during the winter. I'm really excited and terrified to see how this all plays out, andI hope you'll follow along!


​I can't believe you read all of this, but I'm glad you did. I hope I can meet you in person someday. Unless you're weird and creepy.  Then I really, really want to meet you so that I can write about you in a play.

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