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Keep It Light

Keep It Light is a dark comedy in two acts, set in the present, somewhere America. Ronnie and her husband Terry are hosting a meeting about the lack of streetlights in their neighborhood. Several couples attend the meeting, and at first the conversations are pleasant and innocuous. The meeting begins with awkward discussions about the benefits of grapefruit, the origin of scotch tape, and whether the Aztecs or the Mayans invented streetlamps. As the evening wears on, it is revealed that the people attending this meeting are not exactly what they seem to be. Every one in attendance is hiding a dark past. When secrets are revealed, the conversation takes a serious turn with unimaginable consequences. Keep It Light explores the nature of human communication, and whether it is better to keep interactions civil, but shallow, or confrontational and dangerous. 

Keep It Light play by playwright Joe Cor
joe correll playwright Keep It Light
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