Joe Correll



When I am not working as a playwright, or television producer, In my "spare" time I like to do watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil paintings. I'm self taught and love to paint when I can find the time, and I'm taking a break from writing or producing. Some of the paintings below, and others, are available for sale on ebay and Etsy. If you'd like to see higher resolution versions for detail message me below before purchasing.  You may also save fees and commissions by contacting me directly through the website. Prices vary from a 18x24 Watercolor is around 50- 60$, and an acrylic or oil painting on canvas would be 175-200$ depending on the subject and size. Those prices do not include shipping- which is usually around 15$ for a watercolor to 25-30$ for an oil or acrylic since they are bulkier and heavier and cannot be rolled,  depending on the size. But just ask and we can come to a great price for all! Thank you!

Curtain Up
MIxed Media, Oils with Acrylic Under painting 18x24 Canvas
India Adventures
Oil On Canvas 18x24 - NOT FOR SALE
McHales In The Rain
Oil on canvas 18x24
Bus Stop (Oil Version)
Oil on Canvas 18x24
Fancy Hats (Mixed Media Version)
Mixed Media Watercolor & Pastel on paper 18x24
McHales NYC
OIl on canvas 16x20 -SOLD
Mariposa Grove Yosemite - Not For Sale
Oil on Canvas 16x20 verticle.
Americans in Paris
Oil on canvas board 18x14
Paris Metro
Oil on Stretched Canvas 18x24
That Time In Paris - SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas 16x20
Fancy Hats (acrylic version)
Acrylic on canvas board 18x14
By The Park -SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas 12x16
The Team - SOLD
Watercolor on Paper 18x24
Chelsea 150.00$
Acrylic on Canvas Board 18x14
Acrylic on canvas board 11x14
Waterbury - SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas 16x20
I'll be Right Back! -Watercolor SOLD
Watercolor on Paper 18x24
Woman in the Park - SOLD
Watercolor on Paper 18x24
Rowboat in Fall - Watercolor SOLD
Watercolor on paper 18x24
Coachella: They Don't Know Him Watercolor
Watercolor 12 x 16
Interested in a painting? Something else?
The Team - SOLD

Watercolor on Paper 18x24